Although I still consider myself an old-fashioned girl who loves a good wedding magazine, the age of Pinterest and Instagram has me addicted to finding wedding inspiration all day every day (yes, even during the wee hours when Netflix just isn't cutting it)! And I know I'm not the only one swooning over color palettes and styled shoots - I hear so many of my brides tell me "I saw this centerpiece idea on Pinterest that I just love" or "Did you see that amazing installation at my venue on Instagram!?" These days, couples are mainly discovering wedding trends (and vendors) via social media channels.

Today I thought I would share a few thoughts on how social media has had an impact on the wedding industry, and how that relates to you and your wedding business!


Digital Inspiration Galore

If you aren't familiar with Pinterest yet, now is the time ( 3 years ago was the time)! Pinterest offers users wedding inspiration via images that are pulled from various websites with relevant content (hint: this could be YOUR website). Pinners can save the images they like to different boards such as wedding flowers, cakes, dresses etc. I personally love when my clients invite me to their wedding inspiration boards so I can see their vision and help come up with ideas that fit their style. For wedding professionals, it's crucial to be pinning images that link back to your website or blog, that way if a bride clicks on your pin, it will take her to your website (and possibly make her want to learn more about you and your wedding business)!


#Trending: Wedding Hashtags

What is a hashtag, you ask? It's a clickable search link that allows people to discover specific images with the same tag, and it's arguably one of social media's biggest trends. Not only can couples come up with creative hashtags for their wedding (think clever puns of their last names, etc.), but vendors can definitely utilize this too! For example, if you are a talented wedding planner in the Minneapolis area, you may want to include the hashtag #mplsweddingplanner in your captions so that a local bride is able to see your images if she's searching for Instagram profiles of wedding planners in her area.


Reviews can be Make or Break

Social media has allowed so many wedding professionals to share and showcase their work with their peers and potential clients. If vendors are posting their wedding images on social media, it is expected that they tag and credit all participating vendors that helped make that special day come to life. If couples had a good experience with a particular vendor, it is encouraged that they share their testimonial with a review on Facebook, Google, The Knot, etc. So, if a bride saw an amazing image on Instagram, she might take note of what vendors were involved. Then, she may look them up on The Knot to read their reviews to see what others' experiences were. From there, she may go to your website and inquire about your services!


There are so many ways that social media has changed the wedding industry, and it's now more important than ever to create and maintain a strong digital representation of your brand. I know there are only so many hours in a day, and perhaps the thought of writing one more mediocre blog post has you ready to rip your hair out. Vow to be Social can assist you with creating, scheduling and posting digital content on your blog and social media accounts. Contact me for more information on how Vow to be Social can take social media off of your to-do list!